Sunday, January 10, 2016

Can You Keep A Contract And Covenant With God ?

Are you allowing your challenges to break your contract and covenant with God?

In 2ND CHRONICLES 15-12-15; all of Judah entered into a COVENANT of yearning for, serving and seeking God. Our covenant or contract with God is maintained and based solely on faith.  So inevitably keeping our contract with God is solely dependent on how tight we hold on to our faith declaration to God.

People diligently keep their service contracts with work or business. 
Challenges Are The Stepping Stones Of Champions In Christ.  

Our purpose in life should be to serve Gods interest as a delight in your work, at home, etc.  
It is true that champions must experience challenges to excel to the next level.  
However, Hebrews 10:23 tell us to hold fast to the profession of faith.  Hold fast means to secure tightly. To profess means to declare and announce.
In 1st Corinth 1:5, and 2nd Corinth 9:11 the bible repeatedly tell us that God enriches us in every way, in all things. So what would make us break this contract or covenant.
“….It takes a covenant with Almighty God to reach our wealthy place in life, to be free of sin and its effects, to be born again and have the very Anointing of God abiding within us…..

God’s plans, God’s paths, God’s WORD, only have one direction-our wealthy place in Him.  They are all headed to a place that is debt-free, sickness-free, worry-free, demon-free.  It’s the good life which God made ready for us to live….” 
(Jan 2016, Believer's Voice Of Victory Magazine, pg 26-27)

You can never regret being truly dedicated to Jesus and the work of the Gospel to the Glory of God.

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