Sunday, September 2, 2012

Playing the Lottery vs Paying Tithes and Offerings

Many Christians may not admit it verbally, but their actions reveal that investing in the lottery will provide a better ROI than paying tithes and offerings.

Some Christians invest in the lottery daily; they study the lottery system faithfully using the lottery study guide books.  They have more faith in a system that they can see, rather than on God’s system that they can’t see.

There has been research done to show that most lottery winners go broke and for some, their lives end up worse than it was before they won.  The most astonishing aspect is that some winners do not even pay tithes or offering on their winnings.  They thank God, Jesus and all the angels in heaven-yet 10% of the winnings are a bit too much to offer.

If they spent the same amount of time studying the bible and investing daily in the propagation of the Gospel, their return on investment would not only be greater-but it would cover every aspect of their lives.   They would truly know what it means when God says he will bless you to be a blessing.  It’s a promise to every believer.