Sunday, February 2, 2014

KEEP YOUR foot......

Ecclesiastes chapter 5:9 states that “the profit of the earth is for all.”  However not all will enjoy the profit of the earth and not all that profit will enjoy the earth.

According to Ecclesiastes 5:19, it is a gift of God for us to be given riches, possessions, the power to ENJOY those riches and possessions; the ability to accept your appointed lot (share, fortune, or ration); and then finally to have the ability to rejoice in your toil (work).

It does not seem to make sense that it takes a gift from God to be able to take pleasure in your riches and possessions, or to accept your portion or to enjoy your work.  Society tells us we will be so much happier once we get the great job or contract, house, cars, clothes, gadgets, husband, wife, kids, vacations, etc.

But when you watch television programs that  describe the personal challenges of lottery winners, successful entrepreneurs/corporate employees, Pastors, wealthy house wives,  or  the tribulations of the “haves & have nots” of the world-the immense need for Gods gift clearly becomes evident.

There are many people who eat and drink everyday without rejoicing.  The thought of enjoying ones labor or the source that provides their lifestyle is inconceivable.  In fact their escape from their source of wealth or work is eating and drinking.

Ecclesiastes 5:17 describes how there are people that eat in darkness (cheerlessly, with no sweetness and light in them), they have much sorrow, sickness and wrath (anger) in them.  This can cause depression and disease of the body over time; the body can become a breeding ground for cancers to grow, this can also make the body turn on itself.

Most people do not even realize when this is happening or that they are in denial that it is. 

KEEP YOUR foot grounded in God, it’s the only way to get and maintain the GIFT.

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