Sunday, December 26, 2010

Having The Faith That Takes & Not the Faith That Waits!

I was watching the American Pastor Bill Winston preach this message at Winners Chapel -Shiloh Program (Pastor David Oyedepo) in Nigeria, West Africa and I was flabbergasted. Is that really possible? He gave example testimonies and elaborated that God loves to put us in situations that we don’t know how we will get out of.

Well it is possible- if we use our faith to take the word of God and make it ours. In John 7:6 (Amplified) it says “ Whereupon Jesus said to them My time (opportunity) has not come yet; but any time is suitable for you and your opportunity is ready any time [is always here].”

Taking the word and making it yours means to tell God that what he did for Joshua-he can do for you also.  So what ever situation your are experiencing, find it in the Bible. By faith replace every ones name with your name and circumstances. And watch God work.

Having the faith that takes the word of God- fixes and makes it flesh(human) in their situations will not have to wait.

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